2 Products Under $5 For Removing A Slug Infestation

Posted on: 25 January 2016

Often, you may not know that your home has a slug problem. This is because the slugs will usually come out of hiding at night to feed. During the day, slugs will hide in small crevices; whether that is under your floorboards, in a crack, or even under your oven. Because of this, it is hard to see them unless it is at night. As the slugs move across your floor, they release a slimy mucus. This is, of course, not ideal, as they can leave a dirty sludge across your floor. Because they are so well hidden, you might think they are hard to kill. However, there are a few techniques and products that you can use to protect your home from slugs. Thankfully, these products are incredibly simple and cheap, which will have your home slug-free in no time.   


Salt is the king of slug removal. This is because it is incredibly effective and it is a cheap solution. To remove your slug infestation with salt, you can follow two different procedures. The first procedure involves using raw salt. Scatter the salt across the edges of the floor in the infected room. The goal is to block all entrances that the slugs may take to enter. It is recommended that you do this during the day when the slugs are in hiding as it will block their route to your room.

Another method is to mix the salt with water to create a liquid solution. It is best to mix this solution in a basket. At night, when the slugs roam in your living space, you can catch and place them in this solution; this will kill them quickly.  Salt is incredibly effective because it absorbs water. This is why it is so effective when applied to the moist layer of a slug.


Yes, slugs don't mind a beer. Jokes aside, beer is another effective product for solving a slug problem in your home. The trick here is to fill up a container with a small amount of beer. It is important that you only add a small amount so that the slugs can't actually reach the beverage. Because it is unreachable, the slugs will be desperate for a sip of the beer, which will cause them to fall into the container. This is called a beer trap.

There you have it. To handle your slug infestation, all it takes is a few simple and cheap products that you can purchase for under $5. If these don't work, consider calling pest services.