Proactive Termite Control

Posted on: 27 October 2021

There are many proactive termiticide control measures that homeowners and business owners can take to protect their property from termite damage. This article explores some of the things you can do to keep termites at bay. Read on to discover more!

Protect Woodwork in Your Home

The first step you want to take is to maintain your woodwork. Apply a heavy paste of linseed oil and varnish for best results. Doing so will prevent the rot that the termites may feed on, as well as help condition the wood. A layer of varnish or oil adds additional protection by creating a tough barrier that termites will find it difficult to burrow through.

Remove Any Rotting Timber

To prevent termites from returning, remove any rotting wood as soon as it is detected. If you are not familiar with how to identify rotting wood, talk with a pest control company in your area about it. Rotting wood will often be discoloured, soft and flaky, and may give off a bad smell. You should also check your yard for any old pieces of wood as these can attract termites that then go on to infest your home.

Apply Termiticide

Another thing you can do is protect your property chemically against the invading wood-eating ants. If there is a structure that you want to protect, treat the exterior with a layer of liquid termiticide. If you have small gaps or holes in the wall – including the foundation – apply a dust form of termiticide around these areas. This should be done periodically throughout the year. The longer you treat your property, the better. If you have a wooden fence, consider treating it with an insecticide to prevent termite damage.

Remove Moisture

Termites need moisture to survive. Therefore, try your best to keep the moisture level in your home or business relatively low. Keep any basements dry at all times, if they are prone to flooding. You may also wish to invest in a dehumidifier that can be used to remove excess moisture from the atmosphere inside your home or office. As well, consider installing more gutters on your property to ensure rainwater is channeled away from the building.

Contact a Professional for Help

If you are not sure how to treat your property, call up a local pest control company for assistance. They will inspect the area thoroughly and recommend the most effective termite treatment strategy based on their findings.

For more information, contact a pest control company in your area.