Are You Prepared for the Attack of the Flying Termites? (And No, It's Not a Movie)

Posted on: 9 August 2022

If you have a home anywhere in Australia, you should certainly be aware of the threat posed by termites. After all, if they infiltrate your property and establish a colony, they will eat away at the wooden structure of your home until there is nothing left. Yet most people believe that termites can only enter the property through a subterranean tunnel, which is not the case. Could your property be vulnerable to an attack from some flying termites instead?

Preparing for Attack

Flying termites can materialise at certain times of the year and typically in the springtime. They will leave a colony in very large numbers and are on the lookout for breeding opportunities or a location for a new nest. Any source of light and moisture also attracts them, so they could make a beeline for your property if they sense that both elements are in place. So, if you leave a window open or have some tears in any protective screens, don't be surprised if you come across many of these winged termites in your living room.

Recognising the Flying Termite

Flying termites appear similar to flying ants, but their wings are much larger and translucent. You should immediately open doors and windows and turn any lights off when you come across them. Usually, the termites will fly back out of the property and turn their interest elsewhere.

You need to act quickly, as these termites will soon lose their wings, and when they do so, they will fall to the floor and be difficult to see. However, they may gnaw their way through the drywall in search of that enticing wooden frame.

Building a Line of Defence

Try to remove any temptations they may find around the perimeter of your property as well. For example, if you have a wet patch of soil caused by an underground pipe leak, you're asking for trouble. The termites could burrow down into the soil and enter your property, establishing a new colony and getting to work on your wooden frame.

What You Should Do

It's a good idea to get professional help and advice to ensure that your home is as impenetrable as possible and that you avoid any termite infiltration. A professional pest control company can help you to create a barrier around your perimeter to defend against subterranean pests. They can also give you advice so that you are prepared and ready should any flying termites pay you a visit.