3 of the Most Common Pests Found in Australian Businesses

Posted on: 22 January 2016

A pest infestation in your workplace is bad for business. Whether you have rats, ants, cockroaches or moths, you'll need to call in the professionals to sort the problem and fast. Here's a skin-crawling list of some of the country's most common critters that love to hang out in offices and commercial properties.

1. Cockroaches

There are 400 cockroach species native to Australia. Often attracted to dark, damp spaces, cockroaches sometimes produce a repugnant odor (you'll know it when you smell it) and can be a right pain to get rid of once they've broken into your commercial building. They can also carry disease and germs — a big no-no if you have staff working in your office. Get rid of cockroaches by telling your staff to seal food containers and keep desk surfaces clean. Take out rubbish regularly and use bins with a lid to stop them coming back. If all else fails, calling pest control is the only sensible option. These professionals use equipment like bait powder and glue strips to eliminate cockroach nests from your building. 

2. Rats

Rats carry disease and can be a terrifying sight for employees working on your premises. Enticed by rubbish and food that's been left in your building, rodents are hard to get rid of once they've moved in. They can also contaminate food, leave droppings on work surfaces and desks, and cause damage. Discover where the rats are coming from and seal any openings in walls or piping to prevent rodents from entering your building. If you need to take further action, pest control can lay down traps or poison to quickly solve the issue. Here's a fact that will send a shiver down your spine: Australian rats can have eight or more children at a time after a pregnancy that lasts only 22 days.  

3. Wasps

Wasps can be more a nuisance for your employees. They have a vicious bite as well! The English Wasp and German Wasp are two of the most widespread species in Australia, although the Papernest Wasp — and their enormous nests — are commonly found in businesses across the country. Like other pests, wasps can be difficult to get rid of. Keep the area clean and encourage staff to dispose of food and rubbish properly. If the problem persists, a pest control expert can quickly solve the problem so you can get back to normal.