Australia's Top Five Deadly Spiders

Posted on: 8 March 2018

Although people tend to run into more trouble with insects in Australia than they do with spiders, these creatures maintain a reputation for deadliness across the country despite low fatality rates. Nonetheless, when you come into contact with spiders in your home or in your garden, you should proceed with caution. Call in a spider control expert to remove any that you have identified as being in the most deadly category. Here are the top five spiders that Australians ought to look out for.

Sydney Funnel Web

This is by far the most poisonous spider in the country and few challenge it for the strength of its venom globally. It is found all over new South Wales and is identifiable thanks to its huge fangs which can even bite through a fingernail, let alone puncturing human skin. They grow up to about 3.5cms, and anti-venom should be sought immediately if you have been bitten by one.

Redback Spider

These creatures are so called due to the splash of bright red they have on their abdomens, which stands out against their black bodies. They are found all over the country and have the unwanted habit of residing in urban areas. Redback spiders are commonly found hiding out in a quiet spot to hunt, so take care when entering sheds or opening mailboxes where they tend to lurk. Females are more poisonous than males, and they tend to grow to a slightly larger size. 

Mouse Spider

This species of deadly spider is usually found by riverbanks and other waterways. They tend to reside in burrows from which they launch attacks on prey. Unless they are provoked, the mouse spider is unlikely to cause trouble to humans. Their venom is similar in nature to funnel web spiders. In late summer, male mouse spiders tend to be more active as they go in search of females to mate with.

Trap Door Spider

A problem because they are so hard to spot, trap door spiders tend to cause localised pain when they bite and are not renowned as killers. Nevertheless, these arachnids are poisonous and can be aggressive if they feel boxed in. Females are larger than males.

White Tailed Spider

The white tailed spider is known to move around a great deal as it hunts. Found across most of the southern regions of the country, they are most active at night and identified by the splash of white on their lower abdomen. Their venom is painful but not known to cause deaths in humans.