5 Ways to Deter Rabbits from Your Garden Without Traps or Poisons

Posted on: 31 July 2015

If you live in a semi-rural area, you may have problems with wild rabbits invading your garden and nibbling on your veggies and plants. Cute they may be, but they're also a non-native pest that can wreak havoc on your carefully-tended plot. If you have a serious rabbit infestation problem, your local pest controller will deal with it for you. However, a few unwanted visitors can be sent packing by using a combination of the following ideas—with no traps or poisons. [Read More]

Where to check for pests in your restaurant

Posted on: 8 July 2015

You may think you've been keeping your restaurant spotlessly clean and will never have an infestation - but pests like cockroaches, rats and flies can still flourish in overlooked or hard-to-reach areas. Remember, a single rat can get a whole business closed down, so it's vital that any infestation is stopped well before it gets underway. If you have the slightest suspicion that pests are entering your restaurant, here's where to look first. [Read More]

3 Reasons You Need To Order A Building and Pest Inspection On a New Home

Posted on: 25 June 2015

New home buyers often believe that they don't need to order a building and pest inspection, but that is a big mistake. Because a new construction does not guarantee that there are not problems with the way the house was built, or that there aren't termites or other pests who have invaded the house during the building process. Here are five reasons you shouldn't forego a building and pest inspection on your brand new home: [Read More]

Deterring Termites from a Rental Property: Four Tips for Landlords

Posted on: 22 June 2015

Keeping termites out of any home can be challenging, but keeping them out of a rental property that you don't see on a daily basis can be even more challenging. If you want to keep termites out of a home you own to rent out, check out these ideas. They will help keep your investment property termite free: 1. Make sure all external wood is treated or painted Treated or painted wood naturally deters termites. [Read More]