• What Sort of Damage Do Insects Cause to Homes?

    Insects can cause all sorts of damage to a home. In Australia, there are hundreds of thousands of different species of insects which will sometimes choose to set up colonies close to people's properties. When you are living close to a colony of insects, then damage may well occur. As such, you should take whatever steps are necessary to remove them or to encourage them to move on elsewhere to build their nests. [Read More]

  • 3 Reasons to Choose a Professional Exterminator for Your Home Pest Eradication

    When you have pests invading your home, you turn to every solution possible. Depending on your particular pest, you may try traps or chemicals. This can be frustrating, and often does not produce the results you are looking for. For this reason, it is recommended that you choose a professional exterminator. Here are three reasons to choose a professional exterminator for your home pest purge. 1. An Exterminator Knows What Needs to Be Done [Read More]

  • 5 Residential Pest Management Tips in Spring

    During winter, pests tend to enter into a dormant state because of the freezing temperatures. However, in spring, critters such as spiders, mosquitoes, ants and termites come out of hiding to feed, reproduce and seek shelter in homes. Homeowners should be watchful of the transition period from cold to warm months because it is the time when pest infestation is rampant. Here are some pest management tips during spring that homeowners might find useful. [Read More]

  • Australia's Top Five Deadly Spiders

    Although people tend to run into more trouble with insects in Australia than they do with spiders, these creatures maintain a reputation for deadliness across the country despite low fatality rates. Nonetheless, when you come into contact with spiders in your home or in your garden, you should proceed with caution. Call in a spider control expert to remove any that you have identified as being in the most deadly category. [Read More]

  • Why Commercial Pest Control Is Critical For Your Business Premises

    People will typically think of pest control services as a residential maintenance measure, but primarily this is because you live in your residence. It by no means means that commercial premises are immune to this scourge. In fact, business premises tend to be vulnerable to pests since not much care is put into preventive measures. Thus, if you neglect to keep pests out, then they inevitably will begin to breed in hard to access areas and will possibly go unnoticed since employees do not live on the premises. [Read More]

  • What You Should Know About Commercial Treatment of Bedbugs

    A few decades ago, a bedbug infestation was associated with dirty motels and residential homes. However, today, bedbugs can be found in the healthcare sector, public transportation, schools, and practically everywhere you find people. Unfortunately, these menacing bugs are not attracted by dirt or lack of hygiene. They can be found anywhere and can be transferred very quickly by one person. Unlike residential bedbug infestation where you can sometimes buy a few insecticides and cover the mattresses with a plastic cover, commercial bedbug infestation is much more severe. [Read More]

  • Buzz Off! 4 Tips for Preventing Bee Infestations in Your Home

    Australia is home to over 1,500 different species of bees, and according to Australian Geographic, many of these are deadlier than the country's widely-feared spider population. Local councils across Australia rightly recommend that homeowners engage licensed pest controllers to remove bee hives. However, as the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, and there are a number of steps that households can take to prevent bees from taking hold on their properties. [Read More]

  • Bird Mite Bites Irritating Your Sensitive Skin? The Pigeons Have To Go!

    While there are no official statistics regarding sensitive skin in Australia, it is estimated that approximately half of this country's females have a skin sensitivity issue. You already know that some environmental factors can affect your skin, but as someone who has recently started having a new skin flare, it is time to look for the culprit. One skin irritation factor you may not have previously considered is pigeons. So, before you put up with too much more scratching, these are the facts you need to know. [Read More]

  • Treating Drywood Termites in Your Home

    Drywood termites are a nuisance you don't want to tolerate in your home because they are very destructive. These types of termites can completely destroy your furniture and other wooden structures and items in your home. Unfortunately, you may not easily identify the infestation of these termites until they reach the exterior of your wooden structures.  Drywood treatment options target either the entire affected structure/house or a particular area, furniture or wooden material that is infested. [Read More]

  • 2 Products Under $5 For Removing A Slug Infestation

    Often, you may not know that your home has a slug problem. This is because the slugs will usually come out of hiding at night to feed. During the day, slugs will hide in small crevices; whether that is under your floorboards, in a crack, or even under your oven. Because of this, it is hard to see them unless it is at night. As the slugs move across your floor, they release a slimy mucus. [Read More]